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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Are you managing your business- or is your business managing you???

When you finish your day today, take an extra moment and answer these questions for yourself:
1.) Did I schedule an appointment with a new prospective customer today?
2.) Did I add a new piece of inventory to my portfolio of listings today?
3.) Did I write or receive any new offers today?
4.) Did I secure any deals today?

If none of these things happened today, your business may be managing you.
The greatest challenge most Real Estate professionals have today is keeping their business moving in a proactive direction. The direction they’ve chosen, not one dictated by the industry or the market.

Try this exercise; write down what you did in thirty-minute increments from the time you started your day getting out of bed:

It is important when running your own business to keep a balance for health and family. Include any time you may have taken for other than work activities and if the item was a work activity, describe the activity:

Upon completion review the activities and answer these additional questions about your business:
1.) Do I have a clear goal for my business that offers built in deadlines to measure results?
2.) Have I selected the three activities that produce the most income in my business?
3.) Have I structured a schedule for myself incorporating reserved time to perform theses specific activities, that also includes time for additional processing and follow up for the deals?

Most of us have challenges focusing our time in the manner that brings us the most return because we get distracted by something called need. We need for this deal to close so we beat it to death and cradle it and spend every waking moment with it and at the end of the day were physically and emotionally exhausted, have been rendered helpless and depressed, and couldn’t muster the energy to be positive in any conversation with any potential new client – let alone our family. If this sounds familiar to you, you have VHS Syndrome. This is a condition indicated by your lack of finances to purchase a Blue Ray player, which expresses itself in the outward belief that your life would be just fine if only they hadn’t stopped producing VHS Tapes. This disorder creates a vicious cycle in which desperation leads to a lack of income producing activity, which leads to increased desperation. We are all living in an economy that is paying less for more. If you intend to continue to live in the lifestyle you have become accustomed you have only one choice: to become better at doing more in the same amount of time. The answer: Systems!

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